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Parking Sensor Fitting

Parking Sensor Fitting

We fit OEM specification parking sensors here at Madeley Testing Station.
Parking sensors are extremely useful on any vehicle when it comes to manoeuvering in tight spaces (e.g. Parking Multi Storey carparks) and often these are spec’d for fitment when vehicles are purchased. If however these are not standard on your vehicle you’re now considering having them fitted to your vehicle we offer a solution. We fit OEM quality sensors (as fitted to new Ford’s & Vauxhall’s) within your bumpers and integrate them to your vehicle’s original wiring loom which will provide you with an audible alert when in use.

Our packages come in a variety of options, we can offer fitment of ‘Front Sensors, Rear Sensors or both together to a range of vehicles (and trailers!).

  • Front Parking Sensors – These can be mounted within grills or bumpers.
  • Rear Parking Sensors – These can be mounted anywhere on the rear of the vehicle, within bumpers or boots.
  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors – The best case scenario is to have both front and rear parking sensors fitted to your vehicle if they are not fitted as standard.

How do we fit sensors to Cars & Vans?

Firstly we create a template to mark out the optimum sensor location on your bumper, next we removing the bumper (if required), we then drill and mount the sensors to the vehicle and then integrate it to your wiring loom. As standard, our sensors come either black or white which suits any colour vehicle (they can however be colour-matched directly to the vehicle at additional cost upon request).

  • 4x Front Sensors – Fitted: £450.00 (inc VAT)
  • 4x Rear Sensors – Fitted: £450.00 (inc VAT)
  • 4x Front & 4x Rear Sensors – Fitted: £850.00 (inc VAT)

How do with fit sensors to Trailers & Caravans?

Caravans and Trailers follow the same process of marking out sensor location and mounting of them for where they will be most useful, they also don’t use radio frequencies to communicate with the towing vehicle up front, they use the wiring loom of both vehicles to ensure accurate sensor response. This is then communicated to the driver by an audible beeping, or the fitment of an LED display mounted to the dashboard showing range and operating an audible ‘beep’. It is a vital feature which can save many £’s by helping to prevent vehicle damage.

Extra Options:

  • LED Display (Suitable for Rear Systems) – £50.00 (inc VAT)
  • Speed Activation (Suitable for Front Systems) – £70.00 (inc VAT)